About LED Neon Flex

Though glass neon has been the mainstream of the outdoors linear lighting for decades and while it held a long history it still held a lot of weaknesses.  Today there is a new alternative that does not possess any flaws of glass neon, however utilising advanced LED technology and materials processing techniques LED Neon Flex compares to glass neon visually but is not rigid. LED Neon Flex can be cut with standard tools and bent by hand to form. Installation can be completed in minutes instead of hours and most importantly, it gives off no hot spots. LED Neon Flex is waterproof and utilises standard AC or DV voltages which makes the product safer than glass neon. LED Neon Flex is not breakable and is virtually indestructible.

LED Neon Flex uses superior grade ultra-bright LEDs that are strictly consistent in wavelength specification by +/- 5nm. The outer jacket of the LED Neon Flex is constructed of two layers of PVC which has an effect on the optical enhancement of the LED colour and light transmission efficiency. As such LED Neon Flex maintains the highest stability and lowest amount of lumens depreciation over time “longer-life”. Additionally LED Neon Flex is structured with a white PVC base jacket that is designed to reflect “shape” the light that is emitting from the LED and to redirect the light upward and outward to the surface of the product thus enhancing the actual and perceived  brightness. All of the factors above also contribute to the lack of Chromatic Aberrations with LED Neon Flex.

  • Consistent & stringent wavelength control standards +/-5nm
  • New ultra-bright LEDs
  • Flexible light body
  • Unique PVC jacket design
  • 100% unbreakable & waterproof
  • Low voltage, low heat, high safety
  • Extra long lifespan
  • Easy to install
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • 10% of the energy consumption of glass neon
  • World Wide Patented Product

LED Neon Flex For All Applications