LED Neon Flex is very flexible and can be shaped very easily. From straight lines, to sharp curves and lettering, LED Neon Flex can do it all.

Easy To Install

LED Neon Flex is very easy to install. With our specially designed mounting brackets and channels, you will be all lit up in no time.

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Cut To Any Length

Our LED Neon Flex can be cut to almost any length. Making sure it can cater to the needs of any project from long continuous runs to multiple short lengths.

Why Choose LED Neon Flex?

Ultra-Bright LEDs

Ultra-Bright LEDs closely spaced covered in a dual PVC housing, gives a smooth, bright and consistent colour glow similar to that of glass neon.

Low Maintenance

With its easy to install structure, LED technology and long life span, LED Neon Flex requires almost no maintenance at all.

Low Energy Consumption

10% of the power consumption of glass neon.

Available in a wide range of colours.

LED Neon Flex is sure to impress with every application and project it is used for.



RGB LED Neon Flex

LED RGB Neon Flex is the latest addition to the LED Neon Flex series and is designed to replace the traditional glass neon. The LED RGB Neon Flex’s slimline profile is consistent with that of the standard Neon Flex’s profile and utilises the same mounting channel.

LED RGB Neon Flex contains 4 wires to deliver full RGB 16.7 million colours of control and embodies all the features and benefits of the previous RGB LED Neon Flex models, but with greater flexibility and easier installation.

LED RGB Neon Flex can be controlled by DMX512 using a SRC 181 controller with LED RGB Neon Flex special connectors.