Q?Does LED Neon Flex Get Hot When on For Long Periods of Time
  • LED Neon Flex does not produce any heat, this is the one reason why it is safe to use in areas where there is a lot of direct contact. It is safe to use in almost any application, if there is any doubt please contact our office and we can help with clarification.
Q?Does LED Neon Flex Use A lot Of Power
  • LED Neon Flex is an energy saving product and better for the environment
  • Power consumption per meter ranges between 3.15 watts – 5.91 watts for the single colors
  • RGB Power consumption per meter ranges between 14.4 watts – 15.74 watts
  • This is less than 1/5th power consumption in comparison to traditional Glass neon along with all the other benefits of using LED Neon flex
Q?What Thickness’ Is LED Neon Flex Available in
  • 24v LED Neon Flex – 16mm x 28mm
  • 24v LED SMD Ultra Thin Neon Flex – 8.5mm x 17mm
  • 24v LED RGB  Neon Flex – 16mm x 28mm
Q?Is LED Neon Flex Easy To Install
  • Installation is very straightforward and easy to explain, although we suggest a qualified electrician or persons familiar with the product undertake the installation process
Q?Can I Place LED Neon Flex on A Controller
  • LED Neon Flex single colors cannot be placed on a controller although they can be dimmed. LED RGB Neon Flex can be placed on a DMX controller which can be used to control the brightness, speed, flash, fade of the colours mixing along with individual colour control
Q?What Colors Does LED Neon Flex Come In
  • LED Neon Flex comes in a range of base colours
  • – Cool White
  • – Warm White
  • – Blue
  • – Green
  • – Yellow
  • – Amber
  • RGB: Which can be set on various color combinations
  • – Red & Green = Yellow/Lime
  • – Red & Blue = Pink/Purple/Violet
  • – Blue & Green = Cyan/Aqua
  • – Blue & Green & Red = White
Q?How Flexible Is LED Neon Flex
  • LED Neon Flex is very versatile and flexible depending on which Neon is suitable for your application. It can have a bend diameter of 5mm – 50mm.
Q?Can LED Neon Flex Be Used Outdoors
  • LED Neon Flex is weatherproof IP 67 rating. It can withstand various climates and exposure to UV from the sun, Rain, Salt, hail, Snow and other elements.